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Spring 2018 Trends: Wear Sequins in Daily Outfits

Sequins have completely left the wardrobe of the special evenings, whereas previously were reserved to evening looks, in the latest collections, fashion has proposed them especially for daily outfits and for this reason are among the Spring/Summer 2016 trends. A skirt, a pair of pants, a jacket or even a simple top with sequins (as I did here), with the right outfits, become garments to wear during the day and not just for a night. How to soften the sparkling of your sequined items?

You have 3 options to match sequins for daily outfits: 1) wear them with a denim garment, like a pair of jeans, dungarees, but also with the inevitable denim jacket; 2) take advantage of sweaters and cardigans (especially cable knit ones), you will stay warm and these clothes will help you to minimize the "disco ball" effect of your sequins; 3) classical pieces, I'm talking about blazer, white shirt, elegant trousers or mannish ones. As you can see from the three examples, I have given you, and the trick is to choose clothes who have an opposite style to the loud and a bit cumbersome one of the sequins, just to be able to "turn off" a bit of their light.

I leave you at the street style selection, and I will wait for your opinions.


Christina Author

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