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SALES 2018: 5 garments you should buy.

Happy Monday! Let's start the week talking about sales, this is, in fact, the right moment to find real bargains, but among so many offers and possibilities you might be confused and don't take advantage of this opportunity at best. On past I have shared with you some tips to find and buy bargains without spending too much or buy stuff that then remains in the closet with the tag on 8 simple rules to write in the best way your personal sales wishlist here; 10 rules for online shopping, budget-saving and anti-fraud here; here is a list about several pieces you should have in your closet (the post is from last year, but there are many classic and items that are on trend for this year too).

Today I propose 5 garments to buy for winter sales, chosen based on the trends that we will see and wear in the coming months, let's see them one by one.


Christina Author

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