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Best Fashion Outfits for Mid-season

Today's spring outfits have been selected for mid-season, a moment when, because of the weather, decide what to wear becomes a difficult choice. We have seen some ideas for this spring here, some of them are also in these outfits, because are among the coolest SPRING 2016 TRENDS: for example yellow (here tips and tricks to match it), denim (many outfits with denim jacket here), but also the pleated skirt (here where to buy it and outfit inspirations), 70s style (here the rules to create a perfect 70s look and here how to wear flare jeans) and stripes (here 30 ideas to match them).

What to wear for mid-season? 5 tricks to don't make mistakes:

  • 1. the layers are essential, never leave home without a trench coat, a cardigan or a light coat;
  • 2. wear intense colors, choose one bold color and combine it with neutral colors and fabrics (white shirt, denim..);
  • 3. use prints too, a printed garment (gingham and floral print are perfect for spring) should be combined with a solid color that recalls the colors of the print;
  • 4. if you like simple look, focuses on accessories such as a wide-brimmed hat or a Parisian beret;
  • 5. there are no rules, right now are all matches are valid, and everything is a trend, just remember the occasion of use.


Christina Author

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